Sunday, 7 August 2011

Rejection, rejection, rejection...

Unfortunately the rejection letters have been trickling in over the last few weeks - electronic submissions seem to work much faster than mailed ones!

Now I have a choice: do I send out Between Time electronically to some agents across the pond, or do I send out some postal queries in the UK, or do I e-publish it for the Kindle?

I have exactly one month left before I run out of writing time and start my PGCE.


I think I'll try some electronic submissions to US agents. I'm considering 'translating' the novel for those agents. What do you think? It should be fairly easy, because I know a lot about American spelling (and grammar) already: ize/ise, colour/color, travelling/traveling...etc. I just found a useful site: which has a neat list of differences!

The only problem is that I've not got much time. I haven't done any writing for a week, because I went away to Liverpool to volunteer. The idea of the week is to give kids a holiday when they wouldn't normally have one. It was really good fun, but very tiring! We went ice skating, laser questing, to a Maise Maze, to a muddy adventure trail, for spooky night walks, to many parks, to a lake, to the beach, to the cinema, to Blackpool Pleasure Beach... and more! I also now know how to tell a really boring story that's certain to send kids to sleep!

And I need to pack today, because I head off to Amsterdam for a mini-break tomorrow. After that, I have a week gap where I *may* get some writing stuff done, but then I have another week of volunteering, and only then do I have a final week to myself where I might get sorted for submissions/writing.


Did I say I had a month? It's more like one final week! :o

I have reached 20K with the new novel I'm writing, at least. The second 'phase' of that novel is now complete and I'm about to head into the next bit. It could be tricky because I have to make around six months pass in this section...

I guess I just have to make the most of the time remaining. I will have time to submit Between Time in the States, but not to then e-publish it when I get a load of rejections. E-publication might have to wait until next summer. It might seem like a very sloooooooow process, but at least the delay will give the UK Kindle market time to grow!